Help your students to put into practice what they've learnt!

Accelerate your students' foreign language speaking skills through structured student-to-student language exchanges with native speakers

Improve oral fluency

Boost self-confidence

Native student speakers

Match your students today

Develop intercultural knowledge

SpeakShake is an educational website which enables your students to develop their oral language speaking skills through structured online language exchanges with native speakers. They will speak 15 minutes in one language, 15 minutes in the other


Track easily your students' activity on the platform and their oral progress, through our functionalities designed especially for teachers. Monitor the new words and phrases your students learn and understand the topics they'd like to further explore

Rapidly improve the speaking skills and confidence of your students through our structured conversational exchanges. Give them the opportunity to learn the "language of the locals" and to discover a new culture

SpeakShake is a safe online environment in which your students can learn. Many safeguards are in place to protect their welfare, including the requirement of mandatory Parental Consent and Teacher Validity forms


Once you have chosen the perfect institution you'd like to match with, fill in a simple form to request direct contact with its teacher and start participating in our exchange programme

Just tell us:

• The language being taught 

• The native language of your students

• The age range of your students

• The number of students per class

• The students' hours of availability

With our automated matching process, you will be able to immediately view a list of suitable schools or universities for you to choose from and create a match with (based on your criteria)

Your students will be matched with other students from a foreign school or university, and as their teacher, you will be able to communicate directly with the teachers from your partner educational institution.

SpeakShake can be used during class time or as part of private study. Online safety is taken extremely seriously at SpeakShake and rigorous checks are in place to ensure the welfare of your students.

We know that you already have enough on your plate

At SpeakShake, we've tried to make your lives easier by creating functionalities to help you easily organise your students' conversational exchanges and quickly view their progress.

Watch our video to find out more.

Just for our Teachers

  • Help your students to engage in their language learning through our structured and moderated immersive experience

  • Guide your students during their conversation exchanges using our questions and key words related to a diverse range of cultural topics for discussion. Select and create the topics you wish to make available to your students

  • Supervise your students’ conversations easily with our student activity reports. Learn the number and duration of conversations had during the week; how much time they have spent discussing each topic; and the topics they'd like to further explore during class time.

  • Choose when SpeakShake is used (in class or as part of the students' independent private study) and match your students with those from another school.

  • Join the many other prestigious schools and universities already participating in our SpeakShake programme!

per student per year



unlimited conversations

up to 30 students



per student, per year

unlimited conversations

up to 30 students

Cultural Institutions


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